1Printer Integration

Before you read this chapter make sure that you know how to set up a printer configuration with the printing service you want to use. This can be found in the general Printing Documentation.

The printer feature in the payment context helps you to automate your fulfillment processes. You can chose for every connector configuration whether a document should be printed and on which step in the payment process this should happen.

Based on the characteristics of the payment method you can also choose from which tray the invoice is printed from.

2Set Up a Printer Configuration on a Connector

The printing in the context is highly depending on the payment method and the connector. As such all the relevant configuration can be found on the payment connector configuration. To configure open Payment > Configuration > Connector to view your connector configuration and navigate to the section Print. Printing can be activated for invoices and for packing slips.

2.1Invoice Printing

Per default invoice printing is deactivated so you first have to select which state in the payment process should trigger the printing of the invoice. Choose whether the printing should be activated once a transaction is Completed or when the state of the transaction switches to Fulfill.

2.2Package Slip Printing

Per default package slip printing is deactivated so you first have to select which state in the payment process should trigger the package slip printing. The packing slip is always printed when the transaction switches to the state Fulfill.

2.3Select a Printer

In the connector configuration in the section Print you can also which the printer you want to use. If you want to use the default printer leave this setting empty.

2.4Print From a Different Tray or Different Printer

Certain payment connectors provide the possibility to print additional information or additional documents. In case those information can be printed separately the connector configuration will allow the selection of a different printer. For example a connector may allow to print certain parts of the invoice with a different printer. Since a separate printer can be used for those cases eventually also a different tray may be used.

How you print form a different tray is described in the general Printing Documentation.